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michael powis It's hard to believe that I haven't known these songs all my life. After just one listening, you feel as though you recognise them. They are so cleverly written and performed so expertly. So many of the songs could be THE big show stopper in a musical, but here they just keep coming. If you get chance to see the legendary La Poule in concert, go! In the meantime, this album stands up on its own.
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My Voice 04:15
My Voice Life is full of questions Nights of dark despair When you look for answers You find there’s nothing there Philosophers can’t help us They say that God is dead But in your darkest hour, there’s higher power You can trust instead… My voice It’s like a hurricane My voice Is stronger than cocaine If I use my vibrato Little children shake/ internal organs shake When I last sang the Marseillaise I caused a small earthquake (With) my voice The deaf can hear again My voice Like an oncoming train I can fracture double-glazing Alert a ship to fog When I reach for a high note I can paralyse a dog with My voice, ahh! When I soften to a whisper I make the flowers bloom One blast of my fortissimo Can decimate a room When Neil Armstrong, flew his rocket Back in sixty nine Outer space was silent but for One lone sound, one great sound, that sound was mine My voice The music of the spheres My voice Better than Britney Spears/ You wont believe your ears Once you’ve heard my chanson You’ll be forever changed You’ll find that your genetic code Is re-arranged My voice Can tame a wild beast My voice Richer than Babette’s Feast/ An unexpected feast/ midnight feast I’ve the full range of an orchestra From flute to timpani When they can’t afford the Philharmonic/ the tuba Then they hire me and my voice, mm mm When I warble all the songbirds Hide behind their wing Green eyed, the angels up above All are jealous when I sing Skies crack open at my descant The heavens descend Nuns abandon holy orders As I ascend, as I ascend My voice Can make a grown man weep My voice Can raise the dead from sleep My voice It is ocean deep My voice, my voice, my voice With my latest compilation/ With a big standing ovation I could feed a starving nation Just with the power of my voice Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice For my voice You have no choice, but to listen to my voice
Surrender 04:23
SURRENDER All of you, I want to take all of you On a journey to the mo-on Come with me, oh come with me But wait / do not come too so-on Before we lose our heads and we start swearing I do There are some terms and con-di-tions/ betwe-en me and you To ease you on your way Just do as I say And surrender___to me I will hold you, in my arms Surrender, to me I will keep you safe from harm Whilst other acts may cheapen you, humiliate and tease you My only crime is that I want to love you and to please you so Give in to me Set yourself free You will be mine Think of me, as a blushing bride Giddy at the alter Don’t be nervous, do not hide My love will not falter Give yourself permission A night of wild abandon for a lifetime of submission Just surrender___to me I will heal your every ill Surrender to me Abandon your free will Whilst other stars may pick on you, berate you or confuse you I promise I will never undermine you or abuse you just Let yourself go I wont take no You will be mine x 2 For the next___sixty minutes The outside world is dead I____am all that matters So keep your eyes ahead x 2 And surrender, to the music The singer and the song Surrender, to the darkness How could this be wrong? And if you break this tender bond well that your decision You should have stayed at home and watched some crap on television_and_if You defile this sacred ground that we have now anointed I wont be angry with you, no, I’ll/just be disappointed But I have not fear It is so clear I am yours, and now You are mine Surrender! (I wont bite) Surrender! (Unless you want me to) Surrender! (No need to fight) Just surrender…to me
That Wonderful Night That night, that wonderful night With the boys in the band on tour The lights shone bright And I couldn’t ask for more Do you remember that show in that boutique hotel It was an old age pensioners’ home They gave us custard creams and supper as well And irritable bowel syndrome Everyone cheered and applauded Most of them were half dead With champagne I was rewarded We got cold tea instead It was swell It was hell It was grand We were panned The trumpeter got into a fight It was hot It was not What I thrill I got ill That wonderful/terrible/marvelous/miserable totally memorable night We played a magical set at the Albert Hall We were busking for tips in the bar I went to the races and gambled them all So we had to sleep in the car We dined out each night, alfresco We ate our chips in the rain We had the Finest Range from Tesco Reduced to clear again C’etait bon What a con Such a hit It was shit The drummer set himself alight C’etait chic She’s a freak What a life With a knife That wonderful/terrible/marvelous/miserable totally memorable night That night It was the last resort That wonderful night The band agreed, we should abort With the boys in the band on tour I couldn’t leave she’d taken my passport The lights The others scarpered on the midnight train Shone bright I'm left alone with her it's inhumane And I couldn’t ask for more I watched my future going down the drain That night We danced until the dawn That terrible night Just like, A Star Is Born With the boys in the band on tour ... The lights It was a shock it was a big surprise Shone too bright They had disappeared before my eyes And she kept wanting more But that was years ago, how time flies Always flowers in my dressing room The sweet smell of success is my perfume I will survive is now my nom de plume And I’ve never asked for more…
My little black dress To you I confess My secrets and dreams Stitched into you seams When life is a mess Your hem I caress You never depress me With satin you bless me My little black dress Designed by Chanel You fit me so well When lovers attack You cover my back When I’ve been through hell You cast your black spell You have a faint smell Like Sasha Distel My little black dress Promise me darling that you’ll never leave me We’re woven together by fate Say that you will not betray or deceive me And I’ll try to stay the same weight Oh Lord, my little black dress Non, non, non, ne me quitte pas! My little black dress If you chose to speak, what havoc you’d wreak Such stories you’d tell, like my old friend Jacques Brel Little black dress do you love my physique  Or does your lining conceal a cruel streak? My little black dress It’s anyone’s guess Will you always be true  Or will others wear you? Each night I obsess As I slowly undress I want to possess you I need to steam-press you  My little black…dress!
Love is everything  Look at you  A perfect match  She’s so pretty  He’s a catch  They say romance is dead mais, au contraire It's clear to us all, you are a pair  She likes the way that he talks  He likes the way that she walks  They're in love, so in love She says he dances with grace  He puts a smile on her face Like angel, from above But the light in their eyes  Betrays a cruel surprise  The course of love is strange Give it time  You’ll see Things change... Soon you will be arguing and bickering  With snide remarks and snickering Forcing him and fighting him Back stabbing him and biting him  And who left the back door open?  It's been days since we have spoken  Anything but harsh words Oh it's so absurd But love, love, love___is everything  Everything they say  That’s the price you pay When you fall Warts and all___in love Is unfortunately everything So you might enjoy it while you can Right now he thinks you’re his queen  And his pers’nal hygiene  It's good, it’s quite good She laughs at all of his jokes And doesn’t mind that he smokes He goes outside, like he should He gets on well with her friends And the texts that he sends Are such a sweet exchange Give it time  You’ll see Things change  Soon it’s you are selfish, you are lazy  Your snoring drives me crazy  Don’t you ever stop complaining? God your mother is so draining You've been on the phone an hour What’s that black stuff in the shower? Stop checking your e-mails And biting your nails God love, love, love___is everything  Everything they say  That’s the price you pay When you fall Warts and all____in love Is tragically everything So you might enjoy it while you can The long path to true love Is dangerous and bumpy  The milk of human kindness  Will turn, sour and lumpy Right now you’re both in bliss And it doesn’t get much better than this___love Love is everything  Makes you lose your mind Takes you from behind It’s insane Back again___in love Why must it ruin everything? But still we Grab the apple, take a bite Love don’t work without a fight Yes love (will leave you black and blue) Love (it’s really nothing new) Love__is__every (you two are so sweet together – I give it three weeks) Love is everything
Perfect Papa 05:07
Perfect Papa Every Wednesday after school Papa closes shop Places out the wooden stool Quickly, up I hop ‘Do not fidget, watch me closely’ Papa takes his blade Eyes fixed firmly on the slab Show I’m not afraid Try not to be afraid He slides the knife, the carcass slowly splays ‘My child’, he says 'je suis artist, pay attention' So I hang on every word he says And with a little tussle, he separates the muscle And strips away the artery (ugh!) And though it made me quiver when he handed me a liver This is how he showed me that he loved me Every Wednesday after school So the weeks went by Perching on my special stool Waiting for my try Papa sees me trembling My stomach starts to churn Handing me his giant knife Says it is my turn (music) Today it is my turn ‘Bring me Pierre, a pig is not a friend He must be killed, you must do it, you will thank me It is time for him to meet his end I beg him not to push me, but all he does is shush me ‘You cannot change his destiny’ (poor Pierre) I say I am too sickly, he says just do it quickly This is how he showed me that he loved me So I picked up Pierre He oinked in surprise With delicate care I covered his eyes I said a small prayer And then I killed him… But that was not enough to please my Papa Next we bleed him, moving faster Student learning from the master Schling! Goes the blade Slam goes the mallet Entrails fall to the floor He trims off the trotters Pops out his eyes And then comes back for more Squish go the kidneys Splurt go the brains His body lying still Crack go his ribs And crunch goes his spine Just so mama gets her fill… Stop it Papa, no more Leave me something to bury! Every Wednesday after school So I played my part Silent on my special stool With a broken heart Learning how to name each bit of the anatomy But each snout reminds me of My little piggy My little dead piggy He slides the knife, he does expertly ‘La Poule,’ he says, ‘grab the ketchup, and some lettuce Your mother wants a BLT’ And because I am his daughter, I say yes to the slaughter I cannot change my destiny (Oui Papa) Although I am unwilling, I am party to the killing And that's how Papa showed me That's how I showed Papa that I loved him
Baggage 06:19
Baggage Baggage, baggage, we all have baggage Some of it is small and some of it is large We hide all our hopes in our vanity case And carry our cares in the bags on our face Baggage, baggage, we all have baggage We lock it up tight like a bird in a cage We never make time to unfold and unpack We stagger around with a weight on our back Our past has been sealed up and hidden away We say we prefer to be free When your dreams are in storage you still have to pay With a lifetime of lost property Spoken: I was lost once. Lost in love. Our eyes met across a crowded baggage carousel in the most beautiful place in the world: Luton Airport. Mademoiselle, he said, may I help you? I tried to resist. I knew I was a heavy load. But he was used to handling heavy baggage, He was so strong. He lifted my cases up in one swoop and I knew I had fallen in love. I was giddy. The room was spinning, my head was spinning, my heart was spinning, just like… The carousel____________ the carousel Oh how it turns me, how it turns me The carousel, the carousel, the carousel Oh how it churns me up inside He lifts me up high with my bags in the air No more rough handed men who don’t handle with care, for me… Spoken: We shared a beautiful summer together. Each time I came through Luton Airport he was there waiting for me. Each time I brought more of my baggage. Each time he took it. He never complained. Days turned to weeks and to months. I felt I had known him my whole life. I knew that our love would never end…just like The carousel, the carousel, the carousel Oh how it takes me, how it takes me The carousel, the carousel, the carousel Oh how it breaks me open wide All my intimate secrets brought into the light I surrender to love as we gaily take flight and we laugh Ha-ha, ha-ha, Ha, ha, haaaaa Spoken: Then one day my flight was delayed. I arrived and I saw him… with another woman’s cases. They were so small. Just a little carry-on ruc sac. He turned and saw me and he walked away. I stood, alone. Watching my giant trunk spin around…unclaimed… just like me The carousel, the carousel, the carousel Read the label, I’m fragile The carousel, the carousel, the carousel If you drop me, then I spill All over the carousel, the carousel The carousel, the carousel The carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel, This is hell, this is hell, the carousel Take me off the carousel Oh hell, oh Lord, it’s too fast, I feel sick The carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel, oh carousel It’s moving too fast, I can’t last, the carousel Oh please God arrettez le carousel! Spoken: And there I was, lying on the ground, bags scattered everywhere. And that was when I realised…some of these bags were not even mine. So many items I did not need…but it was too late…it was just me and my… Baggage, baggage, we all have baggage We drag it behind us deep into old age If you like to hoard things like some people do Your bags will get bigger, bigger than you Baggage, baggage, voici, mes baggages I carry them with my each night on the stage I open them for you and share you my heartache To save you from making the same sad mistake
Thin Skin 04:11
Thin skin Thin skin  Delicate to touch  Thin skin I feel_____too much  Some people are born with a sensitive soul  Everyday living, soon takes its toll  In the game of love they never win Some people are born with delicate skin  Without protection of beautiful flesh A word is a wound, open and fresh  A stranger can cut with a quip to the bone  It's safer to hide in a world of your own  So if you brush me  You'll probably bruise me  But you'll never lose me  I am loyal to the core  Reach out and hold me But please don't squeeze me  Your kiss could unfreeze me I will melt to the floor  Thin skin  Delicate to touch  Thin skin I feel_____ A well without water can only run dry A heart with no music will wither and die Even the moon needs sunlight to shine I burn in the shade, will love ever be mine? My senses are heightened, each sight and each taste  The depth of my love, it all goes to waste  For people get frightened when you need their care  When I open my arms there is no___body___there  Sometimes I wonder  Can anyone see me? Love me and free me  To my promised-land I would beg them to come now To reach out and take me To try not to break me Do their best to withstand My thin skin  Heavenly to touch  Thin skin I feel_____ My thin skin  Miracle to touch  Thin skin I feel_____ Maybe one day I'll find him  Someone won't rush me  A man who won't crush me  Just by holding my hand  Someone who'll understand 
La Poule’s Encore The show is over There’s no more to see It’s time for you To say merci Though I hate to see you cry It’s time for us to say goodbye But worry not, there is a word You know it already I’m sure It’s time your voices all were heard It’s time to sing, ‘encore!’ Encore, encore, encore Please, La Poule, do not go Encore, encore, encore Is your way to let the star know___ That you love her and want her to stay You will think of her each night and day And although there’s no more You will still shout encore, Encore, encore I’ve given all I have to give Given you all Reasons to live But still you fail To disappear You really must Get out of here One more round before we part Then I will unlock the door Come let’s sing it from the heart Just un petit encore Encore, encore, encore How I blush, how you tease Encore, encore, encore Such an unexpected reprise Though you really must all go outside Your obsession for me you can’t hide So stay here and adore Me by shouting encore Encore, encore Middle Songs of sadness, songs of joy Songs for a girl who lost a boy Songs for paupers, songs for queens Songs where nobody knows what it means Songs for strangers, songs for a friend But the best ones are saved til you’ve got to the end______ So rise to your feet And stamp on the floor Give me one sweet Final encore… Encore, encore, encore If you want, more of me Encore, encore, encore Why not buy my new CD? You have bled me dry, and I am spent It really is time you all went I am closing the store___ And although you implore___ (Alright, just one more___ ) Encore, encore, encore Encore!
The Picnic 03:36
The Picnic On a dark and tempestuous après midi  I was safe in La Maison But this British obsession with afternoon tea Makes people lose all their reason I begged them to leave alone me with my book They promised me I would have fun One glance at the rain clouds was all that it took The nightmare had surely begun It's The Picnic, it's The Picnic  They’re making me eat en fresh air It is raining, it is pouring But they're English so they do not care  We walked through the storm with our hampers in hand Leaving behind La Maison I tried to protest, I did not understand  Surely this was the wrong season? I fumbled my way through the hail and the fog Where on God’s earth could this be? Someone had brought both a child and a dog Someone had packed a frizbee It's The Picnic, it's The Picnic  Don’t make me sit in a deck chair  I am frightened, I am freezing But they're English so they do not care  We finally found a lone tree in a field Far far from La Maison We opened our Tupperware, what would it yield? Onto the mud of the Paysan  Scotch eggs and sandwiches wrapped in tin foil Tossed on an old tartan blanket But before I could sit down I had to recoil As the weight of the sausage rolls sank it  It's The Picnic, it's The Picnic  Don’t make me eat cold Camembert I am angry, I am furious  But they’re English so they do not care I ran for my life with no food and no drink Back, back to La Maison Wrapped up in a cagoule in bubblegum pink Oh what a sad sight to gaze on Led by the glow of this hideous mac Some strangers had forced me to borrow The picnickers followed me all the way back Laughing out loud at my sorrow They pushed their way in, I had nowhere to hide Their eyes were so heartless and hollow Crowding in closer, they hugged me and cried ‘We’ll come back to get you tomorrow!’ I begged them, don’t come back tomorrow Oh the Picnic, oh The Picnic Don’t make me put on my beachwear I don’t want to, you can’t do it I am busy, I’m washing my hair But they’re English so they did not care Le Picnic c’est un grand nightmare
Malcontente 02:30
Malcontente When I was a little girl Mama said to me Your eyes are wet Your hair is wild La Poule you’re not happy When I was a tiny chick She asked what do you want? I said the only life I’d pick Is to be a Malcontente Malcontente, Malcontente Why must there be laughter Why must we be so gay? Malcontente, Malcontente Happy every after Makes me depressive every day (Malcontente, Malcontente) When I was a troubled kid They told me I was mad Friends said “La Poule You are morbid” Why is that so bad? When I was a flapping bird My song was very strange My teachers said “you sound absurd You really have to change” Malcontente, Malcontente Why must there be laughter Why must we be so gay? Malcontente, Malcontente There is nothing dafter Makes me depressive every day (Malcontente, Malcontente) Now that age has stoked my fire I live the life I want The only thing that I desire Is to be a Malcontente To all Les Miserables I give this rousing song If life’s not formidable It’s time to sing along/then why is that so wrong? Malcontente, Malcontente Why must there be laughter Why must we be so gay? Malcontente, Malcontente Sing it from the rafter Happiness is un cliche Malcontente, Malcontente Why must there be laughter Why must we be so gay? Malcontente, Malcontente I should win a BAFTA My life is a tragic play We don’t have to be so gay Live your life your own depressive way (Malcontente, Malcontente, Malcontente)
Some Men Just Don’t Translate I have tried many men from around the globe Thrown myself into their arms Though nightly I question, I prod and probe And ponder on their multi-lingual charms People say the French are a romantic race But more than anything they just enjoy the chase If you are wanting dinner you will have to wait For my countrymen___are notoriously late They say in Holland when a man says take a hike It’s just an invitation to get on a bike The Spaniards are so passionate they’ll call each day But don’t call them back___or they quickly run away The language of love…is hard to conjugate To communicate It’s too approximate You don’t always get past the starting gate Some men…just don’t translate The Swiss they work like clockwork but they get wound up And if they ask your age it’s safer to round up A Polish man got jealous in the discotheque When I told him I___was just picking up a Czech If you want a lover who puts you at your ease I recommend a romance with a Portuguese But when he said let's lay down for siesta All he did was snore, and I did not get fiesta. Dance break The language of love…is hard to conjugate To communicate It’s too approximate You don’t always get past the starting gate Some men…just don’t translate Spoken: Where are you from? With this song I do not mean to take a swipe I know that we are more than just a stereotype The men that I misunderstand but love the most Paddle in the seas ____of the rocky British coast They say they love their queen and country oh so much But when the meal is over they say “Let’s go Dutch?’ Their culinary triumph is the oven chip Vive La Difference…but please stop voting UKip The language of love…is hard to conjugate To communicate It’s too approximate You don’t always get past the starting gate Some men…just don’t translate The heart it is a muscle and I must flex it. Even though my failed romances perplex it. Be gentle with me if you all choose to Brexit... Cause some men just don’t translate No some men just don’t____translate


The character creation of Sarah-Louise Young as La Poule Plombée (the dumpy chicken) sings her life story in a series of original songs. From the stage show "Cabaret Whore presents: La Poule Plombée"


released June 3, 2016

All songs written and performed by Sarah-Louise Young and Michael Roulston
Recorded, arranged and produced by Michael Roulston

Artwork by: Ellan Parry
Design by: Steve Ullathorne -

All rights reserved 2016
℗ Michael Roulston Music
© Michael Roulston Music


all rights reserved



Cabaret Whore London, UK

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